Starting the New Year on the right legal footing

Happy New Year, Hungerford! As we step into another year full of possibilities, it’s a great time to ensure all our legal ducks are in a row. Whether you’re thinking about buying that dream home, selling a property, getting your will in order, or making pivotal business decisions, we at Marlborough Law are here to guide you through. Let’s make 2024 a year of smart, informed, and legally sound decisions, we want you to stay safe and stay legal.

Why not have a look at our blog pages and find out our opinion on a variety of legal matters for the year ahead.

Conveyancing- The Art of Moving Smoothly:

Unregistered Property Title

Thinking of buying or selling property this year? Conveyancing is your new best friend. This legal process involves transferring property ownership from one person to another. While it might sound as exciting as watching paint dry, it’s crucial for a smooth transaction. Our team ensures that your property journey is less “Game of Thrones” and more “smooth sailing.” Remember, a good conveyancer is like a GPS for your property journey – they won’t let you get lost in the legal woods!

We have had some excellent reviews over the past 12 months including this one:

I’ve been trying to sell a rental property for over a year, it’s been a long-drawn-out process of receiving offers, then losing them due to a turbulent market. I instructed a conveyancing solicitor early in the process, and duly completed all the forms and paperwork, but when a realistic offer came through this year, the firm I had instructed, advised me they were unable to take any further instructions at this time!
I was worried, maxed out busy, with an offer on the property, and no one to process the legal matters.
I panicked and called up many conveyancing solicitors; half of them didn’t even answer the phone! Most of the others wanted part payment upfront, whereas I preferred to pay from the proceeds of the sale.
In my panic, I had completely forgotten about one of my biggest resources, BNI!
I asked a couple of BNI members if they knew any good conveyancing solicitors and Russell Frost suggested Karen Salmon from Marlborough Law. I contacted Karen and she promptly put me in touch with Peyton Matthews-Hewer, the conveyancing solicitor in her practice. Now, I’ve bought and sold a few properties in my life and used a different conveyancing solicitor for each purchase or sale. Each time has been a challenge, barely able to speak to them on the phone, and weeks before responses to emails.
The moment Peyton started looking after the conveyancing of my property, it felt different to what I had experienced before; I felt in safe hands.
Peyton really takes care of her clients; she is thorough and prompt in her responses and has helped guide me to complete paperwork well ahead of time, to give the property the best chance of completing to schedule. I highly recommend instructing Peyton Matthews-Hewer of Marlborough Law for all your conveyancing needs.”

Wills – Securing Your Legacy (and Peace of Mind):

The importance of having a will

No one enjoys thinking about wills, but like eating your greens, it’s good for you. Having a will is all about ensuring that your wishes are respected and your loved ones are taken care of when you’re no longer around. It’s not just for the elderly or wealthy; everyone should have a will. Think of it as your life’s instruction manual, giving clarity and direction to those you leave behind. And hey, it’s the only time you can be bossy from beyond the grave!

Business Decisions – Legal Foundations for Success:

For the entrepreneurs among us, starting or running a business is exciting but rife with legal considerations. From contracts to compliance, getting your legal foundations right is as crucial as having a great business idea. It’s like building a house; without a solid legal foundation, things might get wobbly. We help ensure your business is not just thriving today but is legally fortified for the future.

Read Alex’s post on the Importance of Client Contracts here:


New Year’s resolutions don’t just have to be about hitting the gym or learning a new language. Getting your legal matters in order is a resolution that pays dividends in peace of mind and future security. At Marlborough Law, we’re more than just lawyers; think of us as your legal navigators, guiding you through the complexities of law with a smile and expertise. Stay safe stay Legal in 2024!


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