Navigating Family Law with Compassion and Expertise: How Marlborough Law Can Help You

Why Choose Marlborough Law for Family Law Matters? 1. Approachability and Trust: We believe that every client deserves to feel comfortable and understood when seeking legal help. Our approachable team is dedicated to building trust and ensuring that you feel supported throughout the legal process. 2. Compassionate and Empathetic Service: Family law issues can be […]

Understanding Our Core Values and How They Benefit You

Understanding Our Core Values and How They Benefit You

Welcome to Marlborough Law, your trusted local solicitors serving Hungerford, Marlborough, Swindon, and Newbury. At Marlborough Law, our core values guide everything we do, ensuring that we provide exceptional legal services that truly benefit our clients.  As part of your journey to find a local solicitors firm you can trust, you will want to take […]

An Introduction to Mediation

Introduction to Mediation Daniel Davis our trainee solicitor introduce Mediation as a way to avoid the courtroom. Resolving disputes instead of legal action can create much better outcomes because both sides are in charge of the solution. They produce their own outcome and it helps avoid the costs and long drawn-out process associated with legal proceedings. Mediation […]

What is the difference between Probate and a Will

What Is The Difference Between Probate And A Will

Wills and Probate Wills and Probate are two common legal terms that  will inevitably cross your path in life in the same way as death and taxes do. Life is unpredictable and while we don’t like to dwell on the ending we should for the sake of our friends and family. The last thing people […]

The Legal Podcast – Mediation

Mediation In this episode of our legal podcast we discuss the merits of mediation. Avoiding the courtroom is a very positive way to reduce your legal costs and save you a tonne of time. Daniel, the newest member of the Marlborough law team gives us the low down as a qualified mediator and shares some […]

Why a Local Family Law Firm Should Be Your First Choice

Navigating Legal Waters Why A Local Family Law Firm Should Be Your First Choice

Family law in a small town In the picturesque market town of Hungerford is a buzzing community where families grow, businesses thrive and relationships are formed. Amidst all this activity is the need for legal guidance, especially when it comes to relationships, property dealings and commercial matters. Whether you are buying or selling your home, […]

Marlborough Law Welcomes a New Member of Staff

Welcome to Daniel

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team at Marlborough Law, Daniel Davis. Daniel joined us towards the end of March as a trainee solicitor and we want to take this opportunity to welcome him and look forward to his future contribution to the firm. Daniel’s background in mediation enriches our service […]

The Legal Podcast #3 Community Values

Hungerford Law Firm Podcast In this episode, Karen, Alex and Peyton talk about how our shared values guide the business and what else sets us apart as a firm of local solicitors. We pride our selves on being a firm of friendly local lawyers who help you through every stage of your life. Located in the heart of […]

Daniel Foster Davis

Daniel Davis Trainee Solicitor and Mediator Daniel offers excellent communication skills and pays particularly attention to detail. With a formidable reputation for handling emotionally charged and sensitive cases Daniel is a superb listener, ensuring his clients needs are clearly understood. Daniel can be relied upon to draw reasonable, logical conclusions from limited information but is […]