We at Marlborough Law believe that businesses should be looking to prevent problems rather than ignoring potential issues until one occurs. In our experience, the cost resolving a problem is dramatically more than seeking to prevent it.

Prevention includes planning shareholder or partner relationships.

We can advise on the sort of Shareholder Agreement will prevent problems if there is a dispute or a shareholder wishes to leave, or on the terms of a partnership or joint venture agreement.

We can also help with how to:

  • Deal with the business should a key person become ill
  • Divide profits without arguments
  • Business exits that preserve the business.

What a director/shareholder can do is governed by the Companies Act 2006 and the company’s constitution. If you have the Model Articles of Association, two person companies can often find that they are deadlocked and unable to pass resolutions.

Ensuring you have the right constitutional documents in place at the start is key to preventing business disagreements deadlocking a company.

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