Conveyancing Success – 5-Star Review for Peyton

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I’ve been trying to sell a rental property for over a year, it’s been a long-drawn-out process of receiving offers, then losing them due to a turbulent market.
I instructed a conveyancing solicitor early in the process, and duly completed all the forms and paperwork, but when a realistic offer came through this year, the firm I had instructed, advised me they were unable to take any further instructions at this time!
I was worried, maxed out busy, with an offer on the property, and no one to process the legal matters.
I panicked and called up many conveyancing solicitors; half of them didn’t even answer the phone! Most of the others wanted part payment upfront, whereas I preferred to pay from the proceeds of the sale.
In my panic, I had completely forgotten about one of my biggest resources, BNI!
I asked a couple of BNI members if they knew any good conveyancing solicitors and Russell Frost suggested Karen Salmon from Marlborough Law.
I contacted Karen and she promptly put me in touch with Peyton Matthews-Hewer, the conveyancing solicitor in her practice.
Now, I’ve bought and sold a few properties in my life and used a different conveyancing solicitor for each purchase or sale. Each time has been a challenge, barely able to speak to them on the phone, and weeks before responses to emails.
The moment Peyton started looking after the conveyancing of my property, it felt different to what I had experienced before; I felt in safe hands.
Peyton really takes care of her clients; she is thorough and prompt in her responses and has helped guide me to complete paperwork well ahead of time, to give the property the best chance of completing to schedule.
I highly recommend instructing Peyton Matthews-Hewer of Marlborough Law for all your conveyancing needs.


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