Mediation Services


In the labyrinth of legal disputes and interpersonal conflicts, we are able to offer Mediation services through Daniel Davis who is registrated with the The Civil Mediation Council (CMC), as the largest registering organisation for mediation in England and Wales, the CMC stands at the forefront of promoting mediation as a transformative tool for societal harmony.

When engaging us as your mediator, clients can rest assured that they are working with a professional who is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of our practice. CMC-registered mediators are committed to ongoing professional development, ensuring they remain abreast of the latest mediation techniques, legal developments, and best practices. Our dedication to continuous improvement enhances the quality of mediation services and encourage trust we offer our clients.

Our Mediator - Daniel Davis

One of the most significant benefits of mediation facilitated by myself is its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Compared to traditional litigation, which can be lengthy, adversarial, and expensive, mediation offers a swift and collaborative alternative. I always encouraging constructive dialogue to find mutually acceptable solutions, resolving disputes in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of litigation. This not only saves parties time and money but also alleviates the burden on an overburdened judicial system.

Unlike adversarial proceedings, which often result in winners and losers, I aim to prioritise preserving relationships and encouraging mutual understanding. Through open communication, active listening, and creative problem-solving, I am able to facilitate constructive dialogue between parties, enabling them to address underlying issues and find common ground. By preserving relationships and promoting reconciliation, I offer a holistic approach to conflict resolution that extends beyond legal outcomes.

One of the hallmarks facilitated by me is the flexibility and adaptability to the unique needs of your case. Rather than imposing rigid legal frameworks, I work collaboratively with parties to develop creative and customised solutions that address their specific concerns and interests. This tailored approach ensures that parties retain control over the outcome of their dispute and allows for solutions that may not be available through traditional litigation. As a beacon of hope and harmony in a world often fraught with conflict and contention and through my commitment to provide professional excellence, ethical standards, and the promotion of mediation as a preferred method of dispute resolution, I offer individuals, organisations, companies, and society at large a pathway to resolution any dispute swiftly, cost-effective, and rooted in mutual respect. 

Mediation is a process aimed at resolving disputes through dialogue facilitated by a neutral third party, helping parties find mutual agreement efficiently and cost-effectively.

Individuals, organisations, and companies seeking to resolve disputes swiftly, save on costs, and potentially preserve relationships can benefit from mediation.

Typically, mediation can handle a wide range of conflicts, including family, commercial, workplace, and community disputes.

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We live and work locally and our reputation is paramount to our continued success. We take as a matter of pride our ability to retain clients.


We have legal experience in a breadth of matters, but we also have something few lawyers have: a depth of business, commercial and life experience that allows us to provide practical legal advice and solutions that suit your needs.


Our team consists of Solicitors, although capable in most areas of law they are specialists in their chosen fields.

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It is our aim to provide a legal service that is affordable and our business is set to do just that. We will advise as to the likely cost of any matter and because of our more personalised approach we are able to provide an efficient and tailored service to each client without the additional costs of many larger or traditionally setup lawyers.