Michael Salmon.

Michael has lived in the Marlborough region for over 20 years. He has two daughters at university and is married to Karen Salmon, (one of the practice solicitors/directors at Marlborough Law). Michael is an electronics engineer with many years of successful management. Experienced in owning and running businesses in: Marlborough, Swindon and Basingstoke, both as CEO and Chairman. Michael is moving forward, taking the responsibility of managing this new legal venture.

Michael (Mike) was a semi professional race car driver for many years involved with Porsches and BMWs. Since hanging up his race suit, he spends much of his free time restoring classic cars and fishing.

Mike is well aware that the legal profession can be sometimes difficult to comprehend, as well as daunting. He understands the connection between what the clients want and what they can expect. He is a practical local man with common sense.