What are the Timescales Involved in a Divorce?

The average timescale for your divorce varies but following these guidelines will give you an idea of timescales for how long your divorce might take. There are various steps that go into a divorce and we want to help you understand the process. 

Divorce Process Timescales

Stage 1: The Divorce Application

Once we have your marriage certificate and all your details we can apply for the divorce. This can be as a sole application where you apply alone or you can make a joint application with your parnter. The fee is £593.

You must then wait 20 weeks from when the application is issued.

Stage 2: The Conditional Order

After the 20 weeks you can then apply for the Conditional Order.

The courts will approve the order but then give a date for the order to be pronounced, this can be 4 weeks or so later.

Once the Conditional Order has been pronounced we then must wait 6 weeks until we can apply for the Final Order.

Stage 3: The Financials

We try and sort out the financial agreements from the beginning of the process but these 6 weeks are when we need to ensure we have a signed agreement.

We will not apply for the Final Order until this has been agreed and signed.

Stage 4: The Final Order

After the 6 weeks, when we have a signed Consent Order and the accompanying documents we can then apply for the Final Order.

When this is approved your divorce has been finalised.

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