Sweet Friday

Nobody likes to eat their vegetables. They know that they should do because it’s good for them, but nobody likes doing it. People like sweets because they taste good and make us feel good. We want dessert first: doughnuts, chocolate, and cupcakes.
Here at Marlborough Law, we eat your vegetables for you so you can enjoy the sweet things life has to offer. When a client comes in with any problem such as divorce, buying a house, or writing a will, we take care of all the stuff that is not very sweet so that you don’t have to. We let you enjoy the dessert, which is a worry-free life, while we toil away to make sure your case is handled in a professional, healthy way!
With divorce this could be sorting out the financials or speaking to the other side so you don’t have to; for conveyancing it is reading the 30-page lease and 30-page search results so you have the full picture; for a will it’s giving clients our easy questionnaire to fill out while we draft the will for you.
For companies it’s dealing with any issues that crop up, debtors, leases, employment contracts – in other words, the vegetables of your business.
Sometimes you have to show the client the vegetables and maybe even make them eat a few peas for their own good, as we ensure our clients have the full details and understand step by step while holding their hands if needed, but we always like to finish off with a bit of sweet good news. In the end, when you let Marlborough Law handle your case, everything will be OK.
So, let us eat the vegetables for you so you can enjoy the cake of Life. And speaking of cake, I have a personalised cupcake for each member!


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