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The hidden costs of property transactions.

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I apologize for the slight delay in getting this issue out—last week was incredibly busy with numerous property exchanges and completions. This includes lots of paperwork, calls, and emails to ensure smooth completions for our valued clients.

In this week’s edition, we delve into the theme of property transactions—buying, selling, and transfers of equity. Purchasing a home is perhaps the most significant investment you’ll ever make, so having a good understanding of the process is vital. Recently, I came across an article discussing first-time buyers who faced obstacles due to hidden costs. You can read the article here:…/

However, it’s not just first-time buyers who might encounter unexpected fees. For everyone involved in property transactions, there are essential costs that must be considered.

There are the standard ones: stamp duty, your solicitor’s fee, and your estate agent’s fee (if selling). Then there are the ones some people forget about: surveyor’s reports, land registry fees, CHAPS fees, additional insurance (like life insurance), and leasehold management packs, just to name a few.

When clients come in, we ensure all these fees are considered and are included in our estimate of costs. This is just one way we try to make your conveyancing experience as easy as possible.

Pursuing legal excellence together,

Peyton Matthews-Hewer

Founder, Peyton’s Perspective


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