Peyton’s Perspective #7 Horses for Courses

Good morning, all! I hope this newsletter finds you well and settling back into September.
We have had a busy week here at Marlborough Law, processing house sales and purchases, finalising probate forms and reaching an agreement for a financial order in a divorce which will mean our client and the barrister will no longer need to attend court next week, saving our client time and money.
We also dealt with a contract regarding a horse sale this week. The seller sent us their old contract, from when they bought the horse for us to review. Thankfully they did, as it was a homemade contract which needed some changes. A notable change was the jurisdiction clause which for all contracts we do would be the law of England and Wales however, this one was the law of the county of Wiltshire, which does not exist! It is always best to have a legal professional look over any written sale or purchase contract you are making.
Two of our core values are community and approachability, to ensure we meet these we have a ‘make an enquiry’ function on our website for each area of law. (see link below)
We want to be able to help you as efficiently as possible. This enables you to send us your enquiry easily and passes on your contact details so we are able to contact you regarding any legal issue you may have. This feature also means you can contact us out of hours, and we can pick us your enquiry the next day.
So, if you have any questions or would like to go through anything with us, then please let us know.
Finally, we will be live on 4 Legs Radio today from 12:30pm with our monthly Legal & Finance show, so listen in on the link below.

Pursuing legal excellence together,
Peyton Matthews-Hewer
Founder, Peyton’s Perspective


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