Terms and Conditions for Business

Terms and Conditions for Business

Many people cause contractual issues by have verbal contracts or contracts that are formed or varied by an exchange of emails between business and the client. The more this happens the more the business is exposed to uncertainty as to what has actually been agreed.

We believe that rather than sorting through a contractual mess after the event that every business should have their contracts organised and kept to right from the start.

We can help you by reviewing and drafting the contracts that you need to make sure you are running your business well and with a certainty as to what you are doing and what your client has agreed to.

Here to help

Our specialist team can provide full service legal advice and assistance, giving practical and cost-effective solutions.

Marlborough Law is special because...

Trusted Locally

We live and work locally and our reputation is paramount to our continued success. We take as a matter of pride our ability to retain clients.


We have legal experience in a breadth of matters, but we also have something few lawyers have: a depth of business, commercial and life experience that allows us to provide practical legal advice and solutions that suit your needs.


Our team consists of Solicitors, although capable in most areas of law they are specialists in their chosen fields.

Low Cost Legal Solutions 

It is our aim to provide a legal service that is affordable and our business is set to do just that. We will advise as to the likely cost of any matter and because of our more personalised approach we are able to provide an efficient and tailored service to each client without the additional costs of many larger or traditionally setup lawyers.