Well-Being in the Central Family Court

Child Custody Hungerford

Well, with all the confusing weather I have taken the time to catch up on my legal newsletters from the Law Society, Resolution (Family Law) Organisation and The Law Gazette and have read some interesting articles in August. Firstly, His Honour Judge Robin Tolson QC, has produced a working draft of ‘Well-being in the Central […]

The Right of Way

As the Autumn is coming quicker than I would like and the trees at Beechdene are starting to turn that lovely golden colour I am sitting watching the pheasants running around at the back of the house where lately we have had some ramblers trying to find the footpath and even one person informing us […]

What the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill means to you.

This month I am going to stay very clear away from the “B” word although it does have some very interesting and possibly challenging effects on Family Law and Employment Law which we deal with in our practice. We will become involved with Cross Border Divorce’s, Separated parents concerned about taking children out of the […]

Basic Tenant Rights

Tenants Rights

Spring is sprung,The grass has riz,I wonder where the birdies is. This is a little saying my dearest late Dad used to say at the first hint of warm weather. Well Dad I can tell you where the birdies is… outside my bedroom window singing away at 4.30am in the morning.However, it’s been a busy […]

Protecting yourself from Financial Fraudsters

Firstly Happy New Year to all readers from Marlborough Law – we hope you had a peaceful Festive season. Apart from the normal increase in enquiries for Divorce and Separation which invariably come on the first working day of the New Year, it has been brought to our attention the matter of financial fraud.Finally, as […]

Preparing for Brexit

As we weather through another lockdown it seems that Brexit has taken a back seat however it, like Christmas, is creeping up on us. With Brexit merely a number of weeks away, you may be unsure about the legal changes and implications that leaving the European Union will mean for you as either an employer […]

Time to Think About Funding Care

Recently a friend of mine asked about being given a gift of money from his mother to do some DIY improvements on their property. I was quite pleased for them that they were able to do the much needed improvements until they let slip that thier elderly mother may have to go into a home […]

General Data Protection Rules

Just when we thought we had cracked our GDPR rules and most small firms breathed a sigh of relief at being compliant, Brexit has thrown a spanner in the works. Without going into too much boring detail, in a nutshell, The Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 were made […]

Lasting Power of Attorney

For those in the village that know me and my family will be aware that it hasn’t been the easiest couple of months for us and you may have noticed that I haven’t written an article for a couple of months. However, we are very fortunate to be on the road to recovery now and […]