WOW! Welcome to the 20th edition of Peyton’s Perspective.

WOW! Welcome to the 20th edition of Peyton’s Perspective.

For this edition I thought we would look over what we have covered so far since beginning in July 2023; a quick fire of my perspectives!

· In the first part we looked at the hidden costs to property transactions and helped people understand what really happens when you buy or sell a house.

· We explored how we help clients navigate the divorce journey and how we support them.

· In August we reviewed what makes our conveyancing process stand out.

· We looked at trusts and why it is important to carefully decide who you wish to look after your trust.

· September started with a review of August’s achievements, including helping the community and completion of property transactions.

· We demystified the probate forms and helped you to understand them.

· We dealt with horse contracts and other weird jurisdiction clauses.

· More tips on the wide range of areas we cover, and why details matter.

· Dogs were a main topic featuring my own Mini Dachshund, Maverick, and what happens at separation.

· Our 10th edition celebrated Peyton’s Perspective and outlined all the topics we had covered! Here we are 10 editions on.

· Five Stages of Buying and Selling was popular as it broke down the main steps for people.

· A more recent topic was divorce and the time scales, unfortunately we are still seeing people who think it’s a quick turnaround.

· LPAs and Wills are one of my favourite topics as they are inclusive – everyone should have both!

· The Christmas edition saw a guide on how to navigate the holidays and divorce. A topic we will cover every year as it is so important.

· The last edition of 2023 was a great round up of our year and what we are looking forward to in 2024.

· The first of 2024 kick started the year encouraging people to get their personal and business legal matters organised.

· Back to LPA’s and why they are so important, not only to you but your family.

· Due to that week’s events 10 things which can hold up a conveyance was topical as we explored a few ways which can mean a sale or purchase is slowed down.

· The 19th looked at our values and how we ensure we meet every working day.

So here we are the 20th edition and as you can see, we have covered so many topics, we have 190 subscribers which is growing daily, and I am looking forward to the next round of Peyton’s Perspective.

If we can help you in any legal matters, please let us know.

Pursuing legal excellence together,

Peyton Matthews-Hewer

Founder, Peyton’s Perspective


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