Navigating the Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Navigating the Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Recently, an increasing number of individuals have reached out to us with concerns about their elderly parents or relatives who find themselves in hospitals or care facilities. The recommendation from social services is to create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) in order to efficiently care for those elderly relatives. The LPA not only empowers designated […]

Peyton’s Perspective #7 Horses for Courses

Good morning, all! I hope this newsletter finds you well and settling back into September.We have had a busy week here at Marlborough Law, processing house sales and purchases, finalising probate forms and reaching an agreement for a financial order in a divorce which will mean our client and the barrister will no longer need […]

Peyton’s Perspective #6 – Probate Forms

Probate Forms

After last month’s flurry of probate cases closing, I thought I would shed some light on the forms needed when applying for probate. Below are just a few of the forms required. Forms Required for Probate IHT400 – This is the main 16-page form where you supply all the deceased’s details, and an overview of […]

Understanding the IH400 Probate Form

IH400 Form

Introducing the IH400 Probate Form The IH400 Probate form is an important document used in the probate process in England. It is required to be completed by executors or administrators when applying for a Grant of Probate to handle the estate of a deceased individual. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive guide to […]

Accelerating the Probate Process

How to accelerate probate

The probate process, though necessary, can often be a time-consuming and complex procedure. However, by implementing a strategic approach and adopting specific measures, individuals can expedite the probate process and ensure a smoother settlement of estates. We would like to share some practical tips and recommendations to speed up the probate process, while maintaining accuracy […]