Life, Work And The Law – Legal Podcast #2

Marlborough law Podcast number 2 Welcome to the second of our legal podcasts. In this episode, we cover hot topics that affect both your work and home life. Karen, Peyton and Alex from Marlborough Law discuss the merits of LPAS (Lasting Power of Attorneys) and Shareholder Agreements. Please, share with friends and colleagues if you think they will find […]

The Legal Podcast #2 – The Trailer

Marlborough law Podcast number 2 Head of Corporate Law at Marlborough Law – Alex Atkins introduces the second of our Legal Podcasts. In this episode, we will cover topics including: Work and Life and how to organise it with LPAs and Shareholder agreements. If you enjoy the podcasts and want to see more please subscribe to the channel, it […]

WOW! Welcome to the 20th edition of Peyton’s Perspective.

WOW! Welcome to the 20th edition of Peyton’s Perspective.

For this edition I thought we would look over what we have covered so far since beginning in July 2023; a quick fire of my perspectives! · In the first part we looked at the hidden costs to property transactions and helped people understand what really happens when you buy or sell a house. · […]

Navigating the Financial Landscape of Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide to Form E

Navigating the Financial Landscape of Divorce A Comprehensive Guide to Form E

Embarking on the divorce journey often involves grappling with intricate financial matters, and one crucial document that takes centre stage is the formidable Form E. This extensive 30-plus-page questionnaire unveils the financial lives of both parties, revealing assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. Let’s break down the structure of Form E into digestible sections. 1. General […]

Embracing February with Our Core Values at Marlborough Law

Embracing February with Our Core Values at Marlborough Law

As we bid farewell to what feels like the 1,000 weeks of January, we find ourselves standing at the beginning of February, ready to embrace new opportunities and challenges. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the core values that define Marlborough Law and share how we actively integrate them into our daily practices. Our […]

The Legal Podcast from Marlborough law

The Legal Podcast #1 – Data Protection, Co-Habitation and Property News Welcome to our brand new Legal Podcast series. The team from Marlborough Law will be bringing you their views and opinions on the latest news from the legal world to help you keep up to date with matters that may affect your family or […]

The All New Legal Podcast It is time to introduce our first-ever podcast. Following on from the success of our Radio Show contributions, we have decided to launch a legal podcast. Covering all of the topics we believe are most relevant to your family or business life. As the show grows, we will be taking feedback and answering questions […]

Navigating the Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Navigating the Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Recently, an increasing number of individuals have reached out to us with concerns about their elderly parents or relatives who find themselves in hospitals or care facilities. The recommendation from social services is to create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) in order to efficiently care for those elderly relatives. The LPA not only empowers designated […]

Peyton’s Perspective – Welcome to 2024

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024! At Marlborough Law, we’re geared up for an action-packed year ahead. Brace yourselves for an array of podcasts, radio appearances, fresh office spaces, new team members, and a whole lot more. Expect these newsletters to be brimming with our latest updates throughout the year. Looking back, 2023 was […]

Starting the New Year on the right legal footing

Happy New Year, Hungerford! As we step into another year full of possibilities, it’s a great time to ensure all our legal ducks are in a row. Whether you’re thinking about buying that dream home, selling a property, getting your will in order, or making pivotal business decisions, we at Marlborough Law are here to […]