Why a Local Family Law Firm Should Be Your First Choice

Navigating Legal Waters Why A Local Family Law Firm Should Be Your First Choice

Family law in a small town In the picturesque market town of Hungerford is a buzzing community where families grow, businesses thrive and relationships are formed. Amidst all this activity is the need for legal guidance, especially when it comes to relationships, property dealings and commercial matters. Whether you are buying or selling your home, […]

The Legal Podcast from Marlborough law

The Legal Podcast #1 – Data Protection, Co-Habitation and Property News Welcome to our brand new Legal Podcast series. The team from Marlborough Law will be bringing you their views and opinions on the latest news from the legal world to help you keep up to date with matters that may affect your family or […]

Divorce Satisfaction Ann and Peyton from Marlborough Law are currently advising the client regarding financial matters in her divorce. This is a complex case that requires in-depth investigations and the help of third-party experts. The team at Marlborough Law Ltd not only excels in its professionalism but is also compassionate and supportive. If you need help […]

Peyton’s Perspective #2 – Supporting You Through the Divorce Journey

Supporting You Through the Divorce Journey

Good morning, I hope this newsletter finds you all well as we head into August. This week, I wanted to touch on an important topic: divorce timetables. Recently, there has been discussion about “quickie” divorces under the new divorce law, but it’s essential to understand the process beyond the procedural timeline. We are here to […]

What are the Timescales Involved in a Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer Hungerford

The average timescale for your divorce varies but following these guidelines will give you an idea of timescales for how long your divorce might take. There are various steps that go into a divorce and we want to help you understand the process.  Divorce Process Timescales Stage 1: The Divorce Application Once we have your […]

What the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill means to you.

This month I am going to stay very clear away from the “B” word although it does have some very interesting and possibly challenging effects on Family Law and Employment Law which we deal with in our practice. We will become involved with Cross Border Divorce’s, Separated parents concerned about taking children out of the […]