The Importance of Having a Will

The importance of having a will

As we step into Spring, the weather is getting warmer, and our villages are coming into bloom, but there is a dark cloud overhead for all of those who do not have their wills in place or have out of date wills. Unfortunately, over the last few months we have seen cases where there has […]

Conveyancing Success – 5-Star Review for Peyton

Unregistered Property Title

I’ve been trying to sell a rental property for over a year, it’s been a long-drawn-out process of receiving offers, then losing them due to a turbulent market.I instructed a conveyancing solicitor early in the process, and duly completed all the forms and paperwork, but when a realistic offer came through this year, the firm […]

Peyton Matthews Hewer – Newly Qualified Solicitor!

The Marlborough Law Family

I have lived in Hungerford for most of my life until moving out to Shalbourne with my parents and then to Ham with my partner last year. I studied at the two local schools, Hungerford Primary and John O’ Gaunt, and then went on to university to study law. After finishing my degree in Buckingham […]

Searches – Do I need to do one when buying a property?

The simple answer is: YES! When purchasing a property, it is your responsibility to ensure you investigate the property and that you are happy to purchase it. Currently, search packs are around the £300 mark, but if an issue crops up on a search you may need to buy additional searches to get a clearer […]

Unregistered Property Titles – What to do?

Unregistered Property Title

Land which is unregistered usually occurs when a sole owner has died, and it is left to the executors to then find the documents to sell the property on. This is extra work which can be avoided if the land was registered.

Common Problems when Buying and Selling a House in the UK

Common Problems when Buying and Selling a House in the UK

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases of your life and we find that many people do not fully understand the process or all the hidden costs that can go along with it. With this big purchase you cannot afford skip things to try and save money. As part of National Conveyancing Week […]